Hannes Hofstetter, "Brave New World II", 1994

mixed media on canvas, 270 x 300 cm (6x135x100cm)

Hand ax, spear, bow and arrow, digging stick, hoe, plow, ax, wheel, fishhook, harpoon, net, dugout, paddle, rudder, ladle irrigation, baler, hammer, anvil, pincers, furnace, spindle, loom, potter's wheel, rotary mill, Bow drill, lever, pulley, spiral of Archimedes, Heronsball, mine, elevator, watermill, mine drainage, hammer mill, dyeing, sawmill, wind turbine, wire drawing, printing press, metal casting, ore smelting, cutting machine, lathe, parachute, Leupold's steam engine, Huygens' principle, Microscope, telescope, pendulum clock, Papin's machine, parallelogram of forces, Leyden bottle, threshing machine, Saver steam pump, hot air balloon, Watt steam engine, Jenny spinning machine, jacquard loom, steam locomotive, McCormickreaper, generator, steamship, electric field, magnetic field, telegraph, propeller, chiller, gasoline engine , Bessemer pear, Pelton turbine, Distillation, Gliding, Automotive, Parsonturbine, Electromagnetic Waves, Radio tubes, Custom tube, Hollerith, X-ray tube, Gramophone, Motor flight, Light bulb, Blast furnace, Atomic model, Kaplan turbine, Microphone, Loudspeaker, VanDeGraff generator, Cyclotron, Geiger-Müller counter tube, Magnetic and electrostatic electron microscope, Gear transmission, Cam gears, Maltese cross gear, Electric lens , Cascade generator, turbine engine, hydrocarbon molecule, magnetic clay, atomic fission, chain reaction, four-roll bending machine, automatic manufacturing technology, hydraulic machine, tokamak accelerator, radio transmitter, sputnik, rocket, communication satellite, Wankel engine, hydrogen spectrum, nuclear power plant, atomic bonds, double helix, DNA, high-frequency accelerator, synchronous equipment, spectrometer, Planar Transistor, Integrated Circuit, Diode Transistor Logic Circuits: Conjunction (AND) Negated AND (NAND) Distinction (OR) Negated ORT (NOR) Equivalence (Exclusive NOR) Activate (Exclusive OR), Half adder mt AND une s Exclusive OR, half-adder with NAND, fully-added: wait table, structure Symbol BCD 7 Segment: Display wait table RS flip-flop: circuit pulse program, switching symbol Masterslave flip-flop,: logic image and internal circuit, pulse diagram (MOS circuit), memory cell one bipolar read-write memory (RAM), Symbols of NPN transistor N-channel SFET, p-channel SFET, controllable electronic device primitive circuits, digital switching element 7430, indiffusion, base diffusion, aluminum pathways, 4-bit addition, fundamental electron photonvertex, genetic engineering recombination DNA


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