Hannes Hofstetter
"North South I", 2001



Francesco de Bartolomeis in "Arte Oggi": NORD-SUD

In 1997 I was asked to write about Hannes Hofstetter for an exhibition. An opportunity to discover a great artist who, in 1996, left Berlin, chooses to live with Paola in Envie, in the hilly area of the Saluzzo, in nature. The work of art and everyday life, direct contact with a life that the city denies but also very familiar with information technology.
Hannes studied with Beuys but nothing resembles him. He is a painter who is interested in today's problems with realism and passion. For example, the North-South 2001 triptych (230x495cm) realizes what each artist aspires to, the metaphor of life in which personal events are: wandering, changing places and points of view, experiencing situations of nature and the facts of different and opposing men.
In the work space (large, small, internal, external) and time (the present is charged with the past and projected into the future) have strength and lightness, a widespread vitality that opens many paths to the obstinacy of knowing and deepening, of search for guidelines even in what is impossible to explain.
The three sections of the work have no linear succession and do not limit certain physical places but give the meaning of the contradictions of life. Circularity, internal-external passages, transformations, elevation but also insecure rooting in the earth. In the partitions horizontal and vertical rhythms; splendor of gold; depth of the blue and blacks that are joined by clear areas with rare appearances of reds.
The lower part of the triptych has no homogeneity: it is land, rooted but also tangled with rubbish and wrecks, asperities and cracks; the high parts are a counterpoint to their diversity. In the sector of left, solarity and diffused light, warm, openings towards the Mediterranean (South): seas, expanses of fields, profiles of mountains, living geometries that continue with many variations in the central sector. The right wing sector (North) suggests, as an intense experience, the interior of Gothic cathedrals but also sacred woods of Germanic mythology, places of recollection and revelation between shapes that rise in the light.
Variety of things of nature and of man, coexistence of opposites, reversible passages from elevation to rooting, from openings of light to barking: metaphor of life.



"INOUT" 2005
160 x 185 cm



"INOUT I", 2008
140 x 240 cm


"INOUT II", 2008
140 x 240 cm



Hannes Hofstetter

"Atlantis I", 1988
145 x 220 cm


Hannes Hofstetter

"Verklärte Nacht",1989

mixed media on canvas 165 x190 cm

Hannes Hofstetter,
Schlaflose Nächte III, 1992
acrilic on canvas 140 x 105 cm

Hannes Hofstetter
Sleepless Nights I", 1982
acrilic on canvas 132 x 202 cm
Hannes Hofstetter
"Sleepless Nights II", 1982
acrilic on canvas 110 x 155 cm


Hannes Hofstetter, Wasser XI, 1980

Hannes Hofstetter,
"Water XI", 1980
oil on cavas 95 x 180 cm



Hannes Hofstetter

"Swimmer V", 1979
oil on canvas
170 x 200 cm




















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